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Educational Music
The key to enthusiastic learning

Jammin with BenJammin Gauthier gives kids a chance to move, play and sing along with Educational Music.  With songs like "The Safety Belt Song", "Keep in Shape" and "Dream, Love, Live", your kids will learn about health, safety, respect and science—all while having so much fun they won't even realize they are learning!!



BenJammin has performed educational music at schools, museums, libraries and parties everywhere from Kalamazoo to New York to New Jersey and San Fransisco. And they can bring something special to your event. In each energized performance, they inspire children from the audience to sing along, dance, play instruments and even write new songs! With every new performance, BenJammin gets children excited about achieving goals, reading/writing, hygiene and safety all in a format to build confidence.


New CD: Roots - Music to Grow By

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Also available: Epiphany Juice

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Dont forget: Sunshine and Song

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A person who is involved in the music, is open to learning.

We teach a weekly Educational Music the children at a Curious Kids.


School Assemblies are a chance to play music with a whole school.

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